Wide range of applications for alumina ceramics

July 17, 2023

Latest company news about Wide range of applications for alumina ceramics

Wide range of applications for alumina ceramics


Speaking of alumina ceramics we should be very familiar with it, we know that alumina ceramics due to its very superior performance advantages are widely used in various fields, the next professional production of alumina ceramics manufacturers Mei Cheng ceramic to focus on the application of alumina ceramics.

Alumina ceramic applications.


1. mechanical aspects


Alumina ceramic important advantage lies in its bending strength is quite high, and the degree of hot pressing is also much higher than other materials of the same type, in the Mohs hardness is invincible, dominant, coupled with a very good anti-wear ability, so often used to make tools, ceramic bearings, etc., ceramic tools and industrial valves is now the first choice of alumina ceramic applications.


2.Electronic / electric power


Alumina ceramics in electronic power also assume a fairly significant role, a variety of ceramic base plate, ceramic film, transparent ceramics and insulation devices are inseparable from alumina ceramics, in the major electronic commercial fields are dominant, transparent ceramics is now the important direction of new technology research applications, not only has a high range of light transmission, high thermal conductivity, low electrical conductivity, wear resistance and a series of advantages is to make it very popular.




Alumina materials in the chemical industry also has a broad future, whether it is chemical filler ball or corrosion-resistant coating, are required to use inorganic polymer materials must be high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, alumina ceramics in high strength under high pressure will not be compressed, can resist the erosion of organic solvents and chemical materials, can be used repeatedly, in line with the conditions of chemical work.


Alumina ceramic material is now one of the most widely used important raw materials, in addition to mechanical processing and medicine, aerospace and other aspects have important progress and significant breakthroughs, now the domestic production process is showing a gradual upward trend, in the future, alumina ceramic hv hardness will also be improved, so that it is in more areas to show the supreme style.


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