What precautions should be taken before using alumina ceramic rod

July 25, 2023

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What precautions should be taken before using alumina ceramic rod

We know that alumina ceramic rod is very widely used, we know that alumina ceramic rod should pay attention to what points before use? The following by the United States ceramic manufacturers to focus on the use of alumina ceramic rod before the precautions.


Before using the alumina ceramic rod, please evenly coat the surface of the ceramic rod with a layer of special coating to reduce the formation of adhesions on the surface of the ceramic rod. Before inserting the ceramic rod into the kiln for use, please place the ceramic rod on the top of the firing belt (about 120℃). Make ceramic rod preheating dry for at least 12 hours, please note that the ceramic rod inserted into the kiln body installation work should be done quickly, as far as possible avoid ceramic rod without rotation of heating time is too long, ceramic rod rotation should be maintained in the load cases, taboo, when hot ceramic stick out from the stove, if you need to ceramic rod moving to another place, at the edge of the kiln Hold the ceramic rod with insulated cotton or gloves to keep it vertical during handling. Avoid tilting or horizontal to avoid heat. Do not touch the hot ceramic rod with cold metal tools.


When alumina ceramic stick out from the stove, please should be placed to the covered by thermal insulation blanket on the ground, and build good insulation cotton on ceramic rod, make its gradually cooling, avoid is banging on ceramic rod, avoid the excessive temperature gradient within the ceramic rod, mainly refers to the transparent ceramics, using technology to create a kind of porcelain is pervious to light of polycrystalline materials, And transparent ceramics not only has the ceramic should have high hardness, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and excellent chemical stability, but also has the glass optical properties, as well as relatively good dielectric properties, there are other materials can not match the related properties.


But stretch forming technology, is to manufacture and produce the single phase or diphase ceramics flakes, and is the most effective manufacture of this kind of structural material processing technology, the main thing is that with the high production efficiency, can not only for continuous operation, the size of the defect is very small, with a focus on the product on the composition of the ups and downs is small, Therefore, the overall performance is abnormally stable; It can also be processed and produced in large quantities, which is more suitable for the manufacture of large sheet ceramics.


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