Why do white alumina ceramics turn yellow

July 19, 2023

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Why do white alumina ceramics turn yellow

Why does white alumina ceramic turn yellow for a long time? Do you know the reason behind this? Here is the United States process ceramic manufacturers to focus on why the white alumina ceramics will become yellow.


What is the reason of alumina ceramic products discoloration? Because part of the ceramic products are basically white, alumina ceramic is certainly the same. But I do not know why, after a long time of use, these ceramic products will change from white castings to light yellow, is the alumina ceramic color?


The reason why the white alumina ceramic gradually turns yellowish is because the composition of the inside of the ceramic changes after sunlight, and this change is irreversible, so the color will also change.


On the other hand, the alumina ceramics may be deliquescent, resulting in hydrated alumina. In fact, not only ceramic products have this characteristic, other materials will also have, so we can only overcome alumina ceramic discoloration by minimizing the influence of external factors.


About alumina ceramics, in addition to the reason behind its discoloration to be clear, but also to master the production of shaft core with it some basic principles, to ensure that the product meet the requirements, can be used normally.


Considering the special material, so in the design of alumina ceramic shaft core should be more careful to reduce unnecessary damage. The contents mainly involve the type, size and position of the installed parts, the fixed way of the parts, the nature, direction, size and distribution of the load; Alumina ceramic bearing type and size; Alumina ceramic shaft blank, manufacturing and assembly process, installation and transportation; Deformation of the axis and so on.


The above about alumina ceramic products color change is what content to share here, must be designed according to the specific requirements of alumina ceramic shaft, but to save materials, reduce weight as the premise, try to use the same strength size or large cross section coefficient of the cross section shape; And adopt various structural measures to reduce stress concentration and improve strength to further ensure the quality and performance of products.


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