The application advantage of alumina ceramic pipe in various industries.

June 9, 2023

Latest company news about The application advantage of alumina ceramic pipe in various industries.

The application advantage of alumina ceramic pipe in various industries

    Because of the unique advantages of alumina ceramic tube, is very widely used in all walks of life, the following is the professional production of zirconia ceramic tube, alumina ceramic tube production Meicheng ceramic to focus on the introduction of alumina ceramic tube in all walks of life application advantages.

    Because the industrial ceramic materials of high temperature resistant alumina ceramic pipe have wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance, it can be widely used in electric power, metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical and other industries as conveying sand, stone, coal powder, ash, aluminum and other grinding particulate material and corrosive medium, is an ideal abrasion resistance pipeline.

1. The application of alumina ceramic pipe in metallurgy and electric power industry

Metallurgy, power industry conveying coal powder, ash, mud, lime gypsum slurry need to consume a lot of metal pipes every year. Using ceramic composite pipe to replace other pipes has the characteristics of high wear resistance, long life, convenient installation and remarkable economic benefits. The Shandong Liaocheng chang embellish thermal power plant, Liaocheng Chinese power plant, Beijing north new building materials group, Henan Hebi power plant, Gansu out power plant, Taiyuan, Hunan shimen power plant, Hebei jinniu energy co., LTD., GeQuan coal preparation plant, Xingtai coal preparation plant and other industrial operation, its operating life is more than ten times or even dozens of times more.

2. The application of alumina ceramic pipe in mining and coal industry

(1) Mine: mine filling, concentrate powder and tailings transportation have serious wear and tear. In the past, the service life of the mine powder conveying pipeline such as Panzhihua and Daye Mine is less than one year, but the pipe can increase the life by about 5 times.

(2) Coal: coal preparation and long-distance pipeline coal transport are generally used by wet transportation, which requires the transport pipe to be both wear and corrosion resistant. This pipe can be used as a long-life transport pipe, with considerable economic benefits.

3. Other applications of alumina ceramic pipe

(1) Industrial ceramic parts of industrial ceramic pipes are not contaminated and not bonded to molten aluminum liquid. Manufacturing aluminum molten equipment, aluminum liquid conveying pipe and liquid lifting pipe which are sensitive to iron pollution and need heavy labor to organize and repair after use are the ideal materials at present.

(2) The industrial ceramic structural parts of the pipe have good wear resistance and heat corrosion resistance. It is suitable for conveying corrosive materials containing solid particles, high-temperature corrosive gas, sulfur-containing geothermal hot water and other corrosive media.


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