Introduction to the machining process of high precision alumina ceramics

June 15, 2023

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Introduction to the machining process of high precision alumina ceramics

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, high precision alumina ceramics with superior performance have stood out in various industries because of their very superior performance. How is such a high precision alumina ceramics processed? Next, Meicheng Ceramics mainly introduces the processing technology of high precision alumina ceramics.


Now, alumina ceramic can be used in temperature measuring instrument thermocouple thermometer insulation tube, protective tube; At the same time, it also needs to be used in the furnace tube of resistance furnace, heat treatment furnace and experimental electric furnace. In addition, steel chemical analysis of carbon tube and sulfur tube, as well as other high temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance insulation instrument components are to use ceramic porcelain parts as the foundation.


In this way, alumina ceramics have mechanical strength, thermal impact resistance; And good thermal conductivity, insulation; As well as the high softening temperature advantage, in all walks of life are used in handy, has great significance.


In the production process, alumina ceramics are generally divided into three main steps, want good quality, it is necessary to strictly control in each link; Do a good job in raw materials. If you are making general purpose ceramic parts, there are spray-dried granulated powders available on the market; If you need to control the ingredients yourself, you will need to purchase a ball mill and ball as well as a spray dryer.


After you have the raw material, you can begin to press molding. For flake products less than 2 mm, you can consider using the gelatinized type method; And for more than 2 mm of ceramic porcelain parts can be considered to use the method of pressing molding. Followed by sintering and processing, if large quantities of sintered alumina ceramics can be used for continuous production of tunnel kiln; The processing is mainly determined according to the complexity of the product. Some ceramics do not need to be processed and can be sold directly by opening molding.


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