How is the roughness of alumina ceramics processed?

June 12, 2023

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How is the roughness of alumina ceramics processed?


Did you know that there is a roughness requirement for the surface of alumina ceramic materials? So what is roughness? And how is alumina material processed roughness? Next, the Meicheng ceramic manufacturers to focus on the roughness of alumina ceramics processing.


Roughness generally refers to the roughness of the surface of ceramic parts. Surface roughness refers to the roughness of the machining surface with small spacing and small peaks and valleys. The smaller the surface roughness, the smoother the surface.


Because of the good properties of alumina ceramic materials, it is necessary to finish it with harder grinding and polishing brick materials, such as SIC, B4C or diamond and other harder materials. And in the process of finishing, it is necessary to improve the surface lubricity of alumina ceramic materials in advance.


Alumina ceramic is not an ordinary material, its hardness is relatively large. In order to improve the accuracy of the product, most alumina materials are finished after the sintering process.


In alumina ceramic material finishing, the more commonly used way is from coarse to fine abrasive step by step grinding, then in the surface polishing, polishing can choose less than 1um micron A1203 powder or diamond paste grinding and polishing, of course laser processing and ultrasonic processing can also achieve the purpose of alumina ceramic grinding and polishing.


The surface roughness of alumina ceramics has great influence on the use of parts. Generally speaking, the surface roughness value is small, will improve the fit quality, reduce wear, prolong the service life of parts. But at the same time alumina ceramic processing costs will increase. Therefore, the surface roughness value should be selected correctly and reasonably. When designing parts, the choice of surface roughness value is determined by the role of parts in the machine.


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