How are the alumina ceramics processed?

June 8, 2023

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How are the alumina ceramics processed?


Speaking of alumina ceramics, we should not be unfamiliar, that we see how to process the alumina ceramics? Next professional processing and production of aluminum oxide ceramic manufacturers Meicheng ceramics focus on the introduction of the alumina ceramics.

At present, alumina ceramics can be used for protective pipe and insulation pipe of thermocouple thermometer, and it can also be used in industrial resistance furnace, experimental electric furnace and heat treatment furnace. In addition, iron and steel chemical analysis of fixed carbon pipe and fixed sulfur pipe, as well as other high temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistant insulation instrument components should use ceramic porcelain as the basic parts.

It seems that alumina ceramics using its strong mechanical strength, thermal impact resistance; good thermal conductivity, insulation, and high softening temperature advantage, are used in many industries.

The production process of alumina ceramics is generally divided into three main steps. In order to ensure its quality, it is necessary to do every link well. The first is the preparation of ceramic powder as a raw material. If universal ceramic porcelain is manufactured, the market; if you need to control the formula of the powder, purchase the ball mill and ball and spray dryer.

With the raw materials, you can start to press molding. For less than 2 mm sheet products, you can consider the method of glue molding, and for more than 2 mm ceramic porcelain can consider the method of pressing molding.

Then its sintering and processing, if large quantities of sintering alumina ceramics can be continuously produced by tunnel kiln; and the processing is mainly based on the complexity of the product, some ceramics do not need to process and can be sold directly.


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