Detailed overview of the performance features of advanced functional ceramics

June 2, 2023

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Detailed overview of the performance features of advanced functional ceramics


    With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, do you understand the performance


characteristics of advanced functional alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramics? Meicheng ceramic manufacturers


explain the performance characteristics of advanced functional ceramics for you.


Performance features of advanced functional zirconia ceramics:

Advanced functional zirconia ceramics is a new type of high-tech ceramics, it has in addition to high strength, hardness, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and high chemical stability and other conditions, at the same time has scratch resistance, no signal, shielding, excellent heat dissipation performance and other characteristics, at the same time, strong processing, good appearance effect, suitable for mass production.

1. Strength and toughness are relatively large

Advanced functional zirconia ceramics have a large strength (up to 1500MPa), although the toughness and some metals have a large gap compared, but compared with other ceramic materials, misoxidized ceramics in the "ceramic circle" is the dumpling dumpling (1-35MPa.m1/2).

2. High melting point

The melting point of advanced functional zirconia ceramics is 2715℃, the higher melting point and chemical ininertia make the oxidation error can be used as a better refractory material.

3. High hardness and good wear resistance

Advanced functional zirconia ceramics have great hardness and good wear resistance. From the specific data, the mohs hardness of oxidized ceramics is about 8.5, which is very close to the mohs hardness of sapphire 9, while the mohs hardness of polycarbonate is only 3.0, the Mohs hardness of tempered glass is 5.5,6.0 of aluminum magnesium alloy, and the Mohs hardness of Corning glass is 7.

4. Good electrical performance

The dielectric constant of zirconia is three times that of sapphire, and the signal is more sensitive, more suitable for fingerprint identification and patch. From the perspective of shielding efficiency, advanced functional zirconia ceramics, as non-metallic materials, have no shielding effect on electromagnetic signals, and will not affect the internal antenna layout, and can be easily integrated and formed to adapt to the 5G era.

5. Low thermal conductivity and low expansion coefficient

The thermal conductivity of zirconia is low (1.6-2.03W/(m.k)) and the thermal expansion coefficient is close to the metal. Therefore, advanced functional zirconia ceramics are suitable for structural ceramic materials, such as advanced functional zirconia ceramic mobile phone appearance structural parts.

Advanced functional alumina ceramic performance characteristics introduction:

1.The mechanical performance characteristics

first of all, to give you understand he mechanical properties of aluminum oxide ceramics, and we will generally from several aspects of the performance through the data, straightforward understanding of its generally from several aspects of the performance through the date, straightforward understanding of its mechanical performance, such as through disassembly, tensile, compression and other aspects of the strength data, to understand its characteristics in the mechanical properties. In fact, the ceramic performance  of alumina is very good, it has excellent data performance, and because of this performance, in many fields.

2. The characteristics of the electrical performance

And the second one for you to understand is the electrical performance characteristics, to know that the electrical performance for a material is an important parameter performance. In terms of DC breakdown strength, aluminum oxide ceramics have a good performance, by applying a DC voltage on the test sample, alumina ceramics have excellent performance, and have a good volume resistivity, so the whole belongs to a high quality electronic insulation material, with a high resistivity.

3. Thermal performance characteristics

The last one is about the thermal performance characteristics of alunima ceramics. As we all konw that after the production of ceramics, it is necessary to be sealed with the metal parts, and this time about the thermal performance of ceramics is very important. Generally, at this time, we will focus on the average line expansion coefficient. If the overall performance is relatively high quality, then it can beb put into production. In addition,  in the thermal shock performance test, this kind of ceramic can withstand the cold and heat test without being demaged, it can be seen that its comprehensive thermal performance is very good.