Density and use of alumina ceramics

July 15, 2023

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Density and use of alumina ceramics

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, superior performance of alumina ceramics have been widely used in various fields, we know the density of alumina ceramics is the density of 3.5g/cm3, do you know the density of alumina ceramics will change because of what? Such alumina ceramics and what are the uses of it? The following is the beauty of the Cheng ceramic manufacturers to highlight for you.


In the ceramics industry, the development is more and more rapid, many enterprises have become larger and larger because of the production of ceramics, the quality of the product has become better and better. Alumina ceramics as one of them, made more and more mature technology, it can actually be divided into two categories, one is the alumina content of very pure ceramics, its sintering temperature can reach 1800 ℃, so that the made to even replace the platinum, can be used as insulation materials to use.


The other is the ordinary type, which is divided according to the different content of alumina, mainly used in our daily life, let's say making high temperature resistant crucible, making ceramic valves, bearings, etc. The density of alumina ceramics is influenced by what also depends on the nature of alumina itself.


1. The main components of alumina ceramics.


Alumina ceramics among the main raw materials, alumina is the raw material of bauxite after chemical treatment to remove the oxides of silicon, iron, titanium, etc. and made, is a very high purity of alumina raw materials, Al2O3 content is generally above 99%. The mineral phase is composed of 40%~76% of γ-Al2O3 and 24%~60% of α-Al2O3. γ-Al2O3 can be transformed into α-Al2O3 (corundum) at 950~1200℃, while significant volume shrinkage occurs.


2. The main uses of alumina ceramics.


(1) Electronic devices: high-voltage switch shell, circuit substrate, radar radome and high-temperature and high-voltage insulation materials.

(2) wear-resistant materials: ball mill lining, wear-resistant porcelain balls and rods, porcelain ball grinding jar, alumina (corundum) mortar, metal liquid stirring rod, etc.


(3) High temperature devices: high temperature furnace tube (internal and external thread furnace tube), high temperature metal liquid delivery tube, high temperature thermocouple tube, crucible, laser tube, high temperature pressure bar (pressure sensor), high temperature burner (argon arc welding burner), transparent sodium lamp tube and high temperature window.


(4) Mechanical parts: cutting abrasive cutting tools, textile machine wear-resistant porcelain parts, sewage pumps and acid (alkali) pump parts, sealing ring valve parts, automotive spark plugs, metal wire drawing die, armor protection plate, instrument bearings and artificial gemstones, sandblasting nozzle, etc.


(5) Biological ceramics: artificial joints, teeth, etc.


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