Comprehensive introduction and application of functional ceramics

July 14, 2023

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Comprehensive introduction and application of functional ceramics

Functional ceramics, refers to the application of the main use of its non-mechanical properties of the material, this kind of material usually has one or more functions, such as electricity, magnetism, light, heat, chemistry, biology, etc.; Some also have coupling functions, such as piezoelectric, piezomagnetic, thermoelectric, electro-optic, acoustooptic, magneto-optic and so on. With the rapid development of material science, various new properties and applications of functional ceramic materials have been recognized and developed. And actively develop them.

Due to the high development of science and technology, the performance, quality and requirements of ceramic materials are becoming higher and higher, prompting some ceramics to develop into new materials with special functions. This kind of pottery and porcelain no matter go up in performance and use, still go up in making craft request highly fine, reason it and structural pottery and porcelain together, collectively call fine pottery and porcelain (new-type pottery and porcelain).

In the past, the ceramics with single function, such as mechanical function, thermal function and partial chemical function, were usually classified as structural ceramics. Polycrystalline inorganic solid materials with electrical, optical, magnetic and some chemical functions are classified as functional ceramics.

Introduction to the function of cermamic materials:

In terms of the function of ceramic materials, there are mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, magnetic, optical, radiation and biological functions. In addition, there are semiconductor ceramics, insulating ceramics, dielectric ceramics, light-emitting ceramics, photosensitive ceramics, absorbing ceramics, laser ceramics, nuclear fuel ceramics, propellant ceramics, solar light-conversion ceramics, energy storage ceramics, ceramic solid battery, damping ceramics, biotechnology ceramics, catalytic ceramics, special function films, etc. In automatic control, instrumentation, electronics, communications, energy, transportation, metallurgy, chemical, precision machinery, aerospace, national defense and other sectors are playing an important role. There are still many unknown phenomena waiting for us to explore in the wonderful world of materials. I believe that with the further development of science and technology, human beings will inevitably discover new functions of functional materials and put them to new use.

They have many excellent properties such as electricity, magnetism, sound, light and heat that make other materials difficult to reach, and some functional ceramic materials or a material can. The realization of these properties often depends on the internal electronic state or nuclear structure, also known as electronic ceramics. It has been widely used in energy development, electronic technology, sensing technology, laser technology, optoelectronic technology, infrared technology, biotechnology, environmental science and other aspects.