Characteristics and applications of alumina ceramic tubes

July 10, 2023

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Characteristics and applications of alumina ceramic tubes


Alumina ceramic tube is a kind of alumina (Al2O3) as the main ceramic material, can be used in aerospace, military equipment is a kind of widely used ceramic, so what are the advantages of alumina ceramic tube? Next, the United States ceramic process to introduce you.


High purity aluminum oxide powder is white powder, particle size is uniform, easy to disperse, chemical properties are stable, high temperature shrinkage property is moderate, has good sintering performance; High conversion rate, low sodium content, this product is the production of heat, wear, corrosion resistance products of the basic raw materials.


Such as high aluminum refractory materials, high strength ceramic products, automotive spark plugs, grinding materials and other products of reliable quality, with high melting point, good thermal stability, hardness, good wear resistance, high mechanical strength, good electrical insulation, corrosion resistance.


Alumina CERAMIC tubes are widely used for mirror polishing of decorative materials such as shaped, unshaped refractory materials, refractory CASTable binder, wear-resisting tools, high-purity refractory fiber, special ceramics, electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, stainless steel, granite and so on.


It can meet the requirements of different uses and different process conditions. Using primary industrial alumina, aluminum hydroxide with additive technology after low temperature phase conversion calcination, and then using advanced grinding technology and process, the production of activated alumina micro powder.


Alumina ceramic tube is characterized by large activity and fine particle size. Especially suitable for shaping products and refractory castables, plastic, repair materials, spraying materials, coating materials and other amorphous refractory materials, to improve the high temperature strength of refractory materials, improve the corrosion resistance of materials has a strong role.


The above is the characteristics and application of alumina ceramic tube brought by Meicheng ceramics. Meicheng Ceramics is a research and development, production, sales in one of the electronic ceramics enterprise, started the listed enterprise, is located in the electronic ceramics Industrial park of Xinhua County, Hunan Province, covers an area of 8W ping. Mainly engaged in: zirconia ceramics, alumina ceramics, talc porcelain and other non-oxide ceramics research and development and application.