Ceramic parts precision machining process introduction

July 7, 2023

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Ceramic parts precision machining process introduction


Ceramic parts precision processing steps, the United States ceramic manufacturer is a professional zirconia ceramics, alumina ceramic parts processing manufacturers, because the performance of the product is very superior can be used in various fields, we know these industrial ceramic parts precision processing process is what? The following by the United States ceramic manufacturers to introduce the ceramic parts precision processing process.


Ceramic parts precision machining process:

1. Mix ingredients

The powder of various components is mixed evenly in the ball mill.


2. The granulation

In the very fine powder to add a certain molding agent, made of similar particle size, good fluidity of particles (about 80 microns). After granulation, the mold filling property is improved and the density of mold filling is increased.


3. The forming

It is the prototype of precision ceramic parts by hydrostatic forming, which makes use of the incompressibility of liquid medium and the uniform transfer of pressure.


4. One processing

The hydrostatic blank is processed before sintering of ceramic parts.


5. The sintering

The surface area of the billet decreases when the billet is sintered at high temperature.

The porosity is reduced, the mechanical properties are improved, the high densification is realized, and the sintering molding of ceramic parts is completed.


6. Secondary processing

The diamond cutter is used to process the sintered body with high densification. The hardness of the sintered body with high densification is close to that of diamond, and the processing time is longer.


7. Check the

Test the processed products (size, flatness, surface smoothness, etc.). To inspect (a gap, crack, etc) by eye.


8. Cleaning, packing and shipping

The products that pass the test are cleaned, and the cleaned products are packed in the dust-free workshop and sent to the destination.


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