Cause of density change of alumina ceramics

July 6, 2023

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Cause of density change of alumina ceramics

Alumina ceramics have high hardness and strength, better wear resistance, better stability, excellent biocompatibility, etc., so what is the reason for the density change of alumina ceramics? Next, the United States ceramic process to introduce you.

In the ceramic industry, the development is getting faster and faster, the scale of many enterprises because of the production of ceramics and become larger and larger, the quality of products is becoming better and better.

Alumina ceramics as one of them, the technology is becoming more mature, it can be divided into two categories, one is alumina content is very pure ceramics. It can be sintered up to 1800 ° C, and the resulting material can be used as an insulation material instead of platinum.

And the other is a common type, according to the content of alumina to different points, mainly used in our daily life, alumina ceramic density is affected by what, but also depends on the nature of alumina itself.

Chemically, it is a compound, but technically, it can only be used as a material, because it is also mixed with many impurities, not pure alumina.

We all know that alumina hardness is relatively high, and is amphoteric oxide, easy to react and ionization, so it is best used to make refractory materials.

Ceramics also need to be sintered at a high temperature, so the choice of alumina compound can avoid being burned out halfway. When alumina ceramic molding, start the high purification step, and the density is always not up to the requirements, this time can consider whether the original powder and formula problem, if there is no problem at the root.

The method of increasing the pressure and sintering temperature can be adopted, but do not prolong the holding time during high purification, because it may lead to the deformation of the grain inside the alumina. In theory, the grain uniformity is required, so that its structure composition is good enough.

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