Can precision ceramic parts be customized

July 5, 2023

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Can precision ceramic parts be customized


Can the precision ceramic abnormity be customized? The precision ceramic profiled parts we say are all processed from special ceramic materials such as zirconia ceramics and alumina ceramics. Can this kind of precision ceramic profiled parts with special properties be processed and customized? Next, Meicheng Ceramics, a manufacturer specializing in the production of precision ceramic profiled parts, will focus on whether precision ceramic profiled parts can be customized.


Can the precision ceramic abnormity be customized? Precision ceramic profiled parts can be customized, we can produce the precision ceramic profiled parts required by customers according to the drawings provided by customers. Next, we introduce several precision machining methods of precision ceramic profiled parts.


1. Laser processing precision ceramic irregular parts


At present, the research of laser processing technology of ceramic materials at home and abroad mainly focuses on punching, cutting, line drawing and cavity processing.


2. Ultrasonic processing precision ceramic irregular parts


Compared with EDM, ECM, laser machining and other special machining technologies, ultrasonic machining does not depend on the conductivity of the material, nor has the thermal physical effect, no surface tissue change, residual stress and burn phenomenon occur after machining. In the process of machining, the macro force is small, which is suitable for machining non-conductive precision ceramic abnormity parts.


3. Electric spark and precision ceramic abnormity


Yasushi Fukuzawa of Nagoka University of Technology and Science in Japan and Naotaku Maori of Toyota Institute of Technology have made the most representative research results on machining precision ceramic abnormals by EDM. They proposed the method of fabricating insulating ceramic materials by laying electrodes.


In this method, the conductive layer on the insulating ceramic surface is formed by melting and carbonization of the metal-assisted electrode placed on the ceramic surface when it is broken down and discharged.


4. Electrolysis and electric discharge compound


The electrode and auxiliary electrode are respectively connected to the negative and positive electrode of the power supply. The electrolyte is used as the electrolyte to form the condition of spark discharge by the conductive action and electrochemical reaction of the electrolyte to achieve the purpose of discharge ablation.


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