Application field of wear-resistant ceramics in heavy industry

June 1, 2023

Latest company news about Application field of wear-resistant ceramics in heavy industry

Application field of wear-resistant ceramics in heavy industry

Because the wear-resistant ceramics have very superior performance, is widely used in various fields, next by the professional production of wear-resistant ceramics Meicheng ceramic manufacturers to focus on the role of wear-resistant ceramics in heavy industry.


In daily life, there are always some materials that can constantly meet our requirements, just like the wear-resistant ceramic material, which is

a relatively useful material, its main advantage is that it can be widely used in various industries, generally speaking, it is other materials can not be replaced. At present, in many industries, often use this kind of ceramics, especially some equipment is characterized by a high possibility of wear, so with this kind of ceramics, the wear of the equipment can produce a greater improvement.


Especially in the heavy industry, the proportion of mechanized equipment is high, many equipment are metal manufacturing, and large volume, long operation time, in the production process, constant friction impact and high pressure and high temperature damage to the machine itself, not only affect the life of the machine to reduce the production efficiency. In order to better use of mechanical equipment, make equipment run better longer, you must protect mechanical equipment, and such wear-resistant ceramics can come in handy, wear-resistant ceramic piece became the protective film of the machine, on the machine and wear-resistant ceramic high temperature resistance, not only can effectively prevent the machine skid, reduce the friction in the machine, keep machinery production for a long time without damage, reduce maintenance, save production costs, effectively extend the service life of the machine, of course, the most important point is wear-resistant ceramic piece environmental protection, can effectively reduce energy consumption, conducive to long-term development of the industry.


Wear-resistant ceramics belongs to industrial special ceramics, beauty ceramics factory mainly produces alumina content of 92%, 95%, 96% of high purity aluminum wear-resistant ceramic piece, its main component is AL2O3 as raw materials, after sintering finished hardness can reach mohs hardness 9, because of its super wear resistance, impact resistance, strong corrosion resistance, high hardness, excellent mechanical performance, has been widely used in cement, steel, thermal power, coal, smelting, chemical, port, mining and other industries easy to wear equipment, become to prolong the life of mechanical equipment, protection equipment is not easy to be damaged, reduce the operating cost of enterprise umbrella.


Above is the content of Meicheng ceramics for you. Meicheng ceramics is a collection of research and development, production and development, sales of electronic ceramic enterprises, started the listed enterprise, located in Hunan Xinhua County electronic ceramic industrial park, covering an area of 8W ping. Mainly engaged in: zirconia ceramics, aluminum oxide ceramics, calcum porcelain and other non-oxide ceramics research and development and application.

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