Application areas for special ceramic components

March 20, 2023

Latest company news about Application areas for special ceramic components

     Special ceramics parts also called industrial ceramics parts, precision ceramics parts, etc., Meicheng Ceramics is a professional manufacturer of processing and customizing special ceramic parts such as alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramics.


   Next, Meicheng Ceramics will introduce the application fields of the special ceramic parts.

1, High-temperature alloy filtration field

Ceramic products made by ceramic parts sintering manufacturers are widely used in the field of super alloy filtration. Not only zirconia ceramic parts can also play an excellent and stable use effect in the field of continuous casting of molten steel in the field of filtration, and the use of foam ceramic products can efficiently and completely remove non-metallic impurities mixed in molten steel.

2, Automotive parts field

Due to the extremely high strength of zirconia ceramic parts, and good toughness is also a significant advantage of this ceramic product. Zirconia ceramic parts are widely used in the field of auto parts with these two advantages. Usually, zirconia ceramic products can be used in related components of the engine, such as connecting rods and piston caps, which will greatly increase the market requirements of ceramic parts.

3. Consumer electronics

The main application area is the back cover, where it is mainly an upgrade and supplement to plastic, glass, and metal materials. The second is the patch for fingerprint recognition or the shell of wearable devices, which mainly benefit from the increase in the installation rate of fingerprint readers and the replacement of sapphire, and are used for small structural parts such as lock screens and volume keys. There is a continuation of the key business of precision ceramic parts.


The market will always choose high-quality, high-performance materials as the raw materials for precision parts to ensure quality stability and safety performance. The development of precision ceramic parts in recent years is precisely because of its unique performance. I believe that in the next few years , precision ceramic parts will win the favor of more fields and industries, and make greater contributions to the development of human industry.