Alumina ceramics can be processed into these ceramic parts

July 3, 2023

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Alumina ceramics can be processed into these ceramic parts


With the continuous development and innovation of science and technology, ceramic processing technology is also making continuous progress. Do you know what parts alumina ceramics can be processed into? The following by the United States ceramic manufacturers to focus on the next introduction.


1. Temperature-resistant ceramics


Alumina ceramic material itself has good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and compressive strength properties, so today many alumina ceramic processing plants use these properties to produce all kinds of exquisite temperature ceramics. These temperature-resistant ceramics are widely used in the field of daily use and transportation, and their good temperature resistance has become an indispensable tool for many departments such as machinery, chemical industry and metallurgy.


2. Engineering ceramics


According to the relevant investigation data, the frequency of using alumina ceramics to process all kinds of engineering ceramics is increasing. This kind of engineering ceramics mainly refers to silicon nitride ceramics, which has the properties of high strength, low density and high temperature resistance. The main preparation processes include reaction sintering method, hot pressing sintering method and atmospheric pressure sintering method, etc. Engineering ceramics made by using these processes have a very high cost performance ratio.


3. The ceramic tube


Alumina ceramic processing is also suitable for the production of all kinds of ceramic tubes, these ceramic tubes comprehensive use of alumina hardness, chemical inertness, high strength and good plasticity and other characteristics, so it has the advantage of other pipes do not have the performance. It can not only be used as a material conveying pipe, but also have the function of common seamless steel pipe, and can replace cast stone pipe, alloy pipe, titanium pipe and high chromium cast iron pipe to be widely used in some cases.


Alumina ceramic processing applications have been throughout the metallurgical, coal, mining and other different application fields, those sufficient supply of alumina ceramic processing is also highly praised. In fact, alumina ceramic processing is not only suitable for processing temperature-resistant ceramics, engineering ceramics and all kinds of ceramic tubes, but also suitable for processing ceramic substrates, water valves and all kinds of ceramic crafts


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