Alumina ceramics application characteristics and development prospects

July 1, 2023

Latest company news about Alumina ceramics application characteristics and development prospects

Alumina ceramics application characteristics and development prospects


Speaking of alumina ceramics, I think we should not be unfamiliar with it, that alumina ceramics have what use characteristics? What are the development prospects in the follow-up? The following will be the beauty of the ceramic manufacturers to focus on the use of alumina ceramic characteristics and development prospects.


Alumina ceramic uses.


Alumina ceramics have the advantages of low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength and good wear resistance. Alumina ceramic uses have resistance to gold and slag and other erosion role, can also be used to do special refractory materials, mechanical industry wear parts and tool materials, used as insulators in the electronics industry and other industries, according to the nature of the application, the specific properties depend on the composition and microstructure of alumina ceramics.


A. Light weight


Alumina ceramic density of 3.5g/cm3, just half of steel can greatly reduce the equipment load.


Second, the hardness is large


Measured by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Silicate, alumina ceramic Rockwell hardness of HRA80-90, hardness is only second to diamond, far more than the wear-resistant steel and stainless steel wear resistance.


Third, good wear resistance


As measured by the Institute of Powder Metallurgy of Central South University, the wear resistance of alumina ceramics is equivalent to 266 times that of manganese steel and 171.5 times that of high chromium cast iron. According to our ten years of customer tracking survey in the same working conditions, can extend the service life of the equipment at least ten times more.


The development prospect of alumina ceramics.


In recent years, the production, application and research of alumina ceramics have developed rapidly in all aspects, reflecting that China already has a certain production capacity and technical level. But with the rapid development of China's economy, can not meet the needs of machinery and equipment construction, whether from the depth or breadth of view, there is still a certain gap, the need to improve the quality of existing products, under the premise of further development of new products, new technologies. In all parts of the country, especially along the southeast coast, alumina ceramic application potential is great, alumina ceramic development prospects are broad and optimistic. I hope that through the above content of the narrative can be better help to everyone.


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