Alumina ceramic processing process

June 27, 2023

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Alumina ceramic processing process


    Alumina ceramics are not only in color or performance are very liked, so high quality alumina ceramic processing process we know? Here is the professional production of alumina ceramics manufacturers Mei Cheng ceramic to focus on the alumina ceramic processing process.


    Alumina ceramic processing process? Today, alumina ceramics can be used in temperature measuring instrument thermocouple thermometer insulation tube, protection tube; At the same time, in the resistance furnace, heat treatment furnace, experimental electric furnace furnace tube also need to use it. In addition, steel chemical analysis carbon tube and sulfur tube, as well as other high temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion insulation instrument components should be used as the foundation of ceramic porcelain parts. In this way, alumina ceramics have mechanical strength, thermal impact resistance; And good thermal conductivity, insulation; And higher softening temperature advantage, in all walks of life are used, has great significance.


    Alumina ceramic processing process? Alumina ceramic processing process is generally divided into three main steps, want good quality, you need to strictly control in each link; Do relevant work on raw materials. If it is the manufacture of general ceramic parts, there is readily available spray dried good granulation powder on the market; If you need to control the formulation of your own materials, you will need to purchase a ball mill and ball as well as a spray dryer.


    Once you have the raw material, you can start pressing and forming. For the sheet products less than 2 mm, you can consider using the method of gelatinizing. For ceramic porcelain pieces larger than 2 mm can be considered to use the method of press molding. Followed by sintering and processing, if large quantities of sintered alumina ceramics can be used for continuous production of tunnel kilns; and processing basically is determined according to the complex degree of the product, some ceramics do not need processing, open mold molding can be sold directly.


    The above is the content of Meicheng ceramics for you. Meicheng Ceramics is a research and development, production, sales in one of the electronic ceramics enterprise, started the listed enterprise, is located in the electronic ceramics Industrial park of Xinhua County, Hunan Province, covers an area of 8W ping. Mainly engaged in: zirconia ceramics, alumina ceramics, talc porcelain and other non-oxide ceramics research and development and application.