A complete set of industrial ceramics processing process introduction

June 19, 2023

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A complete set of industrial ceramics processing process introduction


We have seen each industrial ceramic parts need to go through a process of processing and become, that specific process is how? The following is a complete set of industrial ceramics processing process is introduced by the ceramic manufacturers to highlight for you.


Industrial ceramics: that is, industrial production and industrial products with ceramics, is a class of fine ceramics. This type of ceramics in the application of mechanical, thermal, chemical and other functions. Because industrial ceramics have high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, scouring resistance and a series of superiority, can replace metal materials and organic polymer materials for harsh working environment, has become an important material essential in the transformation of traditional industries, new industries and high-tech, in energy, aerospace, machinery, automotive, electronics, chemical and other fields have a very broad application prospects. The use of corrosion-resistant, good chemical stability of contact with biological enzymes ceramics to produce metal smelting crucibles, heat exchangers, biological materials such as dental artificial paint joints, etc., the use of unique capture and absorption of neutron ceramics to produce a variety of nuclear reactor structure materials.


The production process of industrial ceramics mainly includes billet preparation before billet forming, billet forming, sintering, sintering and subsequent processing of the billet.


1. Preparation of industrial ceramic blanks before forming


The first is the use of physical, chemical and other methods of powder processing to obtain the required specifications of the powder; then according to the composition of the porcelain, a variety of raw materials for weighing ingredients, ingredients according to different forming methods, mixed and prepared into different forms of blanks.


2. Industrial ceramic blank forming


Forming is to make the blank with a certain shape and specifications of the blank. Methods can be used are: wet molding, injection molding, molding, injection molding, hot die-casting molding, isostatic molding, plastic molding, belt molding, etc.


3. Industrial ceramic sintering


Sintering is the process of heating the forming blank at a high temperature below the melting point to produce bonding of the powder inside it, resulting in densification and high strength through material migration.


4. Subsequent processing of industrial ceramics


Ceramics by forming, sintering, but also according to the need for subsequent precision processing, so that it meets the surface roughness, shape, size and other precision requirements, such as grinding, grinding and polishing, ultrasonic processing, laser processing, and even cutting processing.


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