A brief overview of the characteristics and applications of different ceramics

June 24, 2023

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A brief overview of the characteristics and applications of different ceramics

    Ceramics have been widely used in all aspects in recent years. Ceramics have gradually come into our life. Do you know what the advantages of ceramics are? Let hunan Beauty cheng ceramics to introduce the advantages of ceramics.

Porcelain crucible


一.The characteristics of ceramics:


    High temperature firing, no fading, no water absorption, no deformation, easy to clean, some ceramics can be used in microwave oven, harmless to human body.


二.Ceramic advantages:


1. Abundant raw materials and low price;


2. Products are environmentally friendly and pollution-free.


3. Good thermal stability;


4. High mechanical strength;


5. Good wear resistance and corrosion resistance;


Different ceramics have different advantages:

The main types of industrial ceramics are zirconia ceramics, alumina electrical ceramics, talc ceramics, mullite ceramics and cordierite ceramics. Here are the advantages of different ceramics.


Zirconia ceramics have the advantages of high hardness, good wear resistance, high toughness, low friction coefficient, good corrosion resistance and so on. It is widely used in mechanical seals, ball grinding media, cutting tools, ceramic bearings, automobile engine parts, paper machine dehydration equipment and so on.


Zirconia ceramics:

Zirconia ceramics fine texture, after grinding processing, the surface finish is higher, up to 9 or more, mirror shape, extremely smooth, friction coefficient is smaller. Higher surface finish, mirror shape, very smooth, and the friction between the network is smaller, can further improve the service life of the network, greatly reduce the network consumption, reduce the network part of the current, reduce electricity consumption.


Alumina electric ceramics have low dielectric constant, small dielectric loss, high insulation strength, high volume resistivity, good bending strength, high stability, high compressive strength, good cold and hot strike denaturation.


The wear resistance of zirconia ceramics is 15 times that of alumina ceramics, and the friction coefficient of zirconia ceramics is only 1/2 that of alumina ceramics, while the friction coefficient of alumina ceramics itself is very low.


Mainly talc porcelain, high frequency porcelain, mullite, cordierite ceramics, thermal insulation ceramics and 95 alumina ceramics, 99 alumina ceramics. Widely used in all kinds of small household appliances thermostat, insulation parts, all kinds of thermal equipment, electric heating equipment, iron structure building, ship construction and so on.


Hunan Meicheng Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd. is an electronic ceramic enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales. It is a council member of engineering ceramics Committee of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, a council member of Hunan Silicate Society, and a leading enterprise of advanced ceramics industry chain in Hunan Province.


The company is mainly engaged in: zirconia ceramics, alumina ceramics, talc ceramics and other non-oxide ceramics research and development and application; Production is mainly dry pressing molding process, injection molding process as a supplement, expand 3D ceramic printing; With advanced nano - metallization technology and ceramic finishing ability.